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Dec 2, 2005 I used PhotoKit Sharpener from PixelGenius to do the capture sharpening after the capture sharpening but preserved the layers for the output. Jul 22, 2005 This is like using layers and masks and whatnot in photoshop to sharpen the picture where Photokit Sharpener can do a much better job at the. Jun 20, 2015 FritzImages Photoshop CC 2015 Plugin Compatibility matrix for over 20 plugins Photoshop CC 2015 released, install 3rd party plug-ins results.

Other products may provide useful sharpening tools, but only PhotoKit Sharpener 2.0 provides a complete image "Sharpening Workflow". From capture to output. Detail tools for sharpening World class retouching, GUARANTEED! Add to Cart. 9.00. . Skurski we have created a range of third-party products for Photoshop such as: the original PhotoKit plug-in, PhotoKit Sharpener and PhotoKit Color which Note, PhotoKit 2, PhotoKit Sharpener 2 and PhotoKit Color 2.2.0 are compatible with Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5/5.5 & CS6/6.1 with support for CS5/5.5 Mac. Photokit Sharpener - плагин для Adobe Photoshop, предназначается для повышения резкости изображений. Он делает оптимальной резкость образа из.

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