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Текст песни: (hokey-skoki) skoki-oki-aan Skokiaan, skokiaan, skokiaan, skokiaan Louis Armstrong. На песни.Слушай онлайн.Louis Armstrong - Skokiaan текст на песни на Louis Armstrong. Skokiaan" is a popular tune originally written by Rhodesian (Zimbabwean) musician August In August 1954, Louis Armstrong recorded "Skokiaan" in two parts with Sy Oliver's Orchestra in New York (Decca 29256). Part 1 (the A side) is a purely instrumental version, while Part 2 (side B) has Armstrong singing the lyrics.

Текст и перевод песни. Louis Armstrong - Skokiaan Skokiaan Oooooh, far away in Africa Happy, Текст Skokiaan Oooooh, far away in Africa. Sep 22, 2008 As far as the song itself, “Skokiaan” has remained tremendously Lyrics were soon written for the tune by an American named Tom Glazer. Fantastic, That's You lyrics performed by Louis Armstrong: (George Cates / Bob Thiele / Mort Green) You look at me and then a song begins Played on a million. Текст песни: Oh, Skokiaan, Skokiaan, Skokiaan. Исполнитель: Louis Armstrong. MOSKVA.FM — Louis Armstrong (Луи Армстронг) — Skokiaan — слушать бесплатно, смотреть клип. Текст песни: Skoki-Skoki, Skoki-skoki-aan Okey- Dokey. LOUIS ARMSTRONG lyrics and albums. The Chronological Classics: Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra 1936-1937 1990 · Yes! Yes! My! My! Somebody. Hello, Dolly! opened on January 16, 1964 at the St. James Theatre in New York City, which pay tribute to Louis Armstrong. Hello, Dolly! on Sesame Street. Aug 20, 2013 Lyrics of RAMONA by Louis Armstrong: Ramona I hear the mission bells above, Ramona they're ringing out our song of love, I press you caress. Лингво-лаборатория Амальгама: перевод текста песни The Home Fire группы Louis Armstrong. Тексты, слова и переводы песен исполнителя Louis Armstrong Тексты песенок / L / Louis Armstrong. Текст песни: Skokiaan, Skokiaan, Skokiaan. Louis Armstrong His All Stars, Louis Armstrong and His All Stars. Hokey-Skoki, Skoki-oki-aan. Okey-Dokey, anybody can. Oooooh, far away in Africa Happy, happy Africa They sing a-bing-a-bang-a-bingo. They have a ball and.

Louis Armstrong/Sy Oliver s Orchestra - A Kiss to Build a Dream On. 4. Louis Armstrong s All Time Gr - A Kiss To Build A Dream On. 5. Louis Armstrong - Skokiaan. Скачать mp3 Louis Armstrong - Skokiaan бесплатно, Skokiaan онлайн без регистрации, текст песни Louis Armstrong.

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