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Nov 17, 2016 Apple iCloud automatically stores iPhone call logs and FaceTime history for months, Russian security firm Elcomsoft reports. Apr 4, 2015 I have access to the data after the AudioUnit has processed them from the code by this post: How can I record conversation / phone call on iOS. Feb 18, 2017 Do you have huge WeChat size on your iPhone? This is a possibility because WeChat is a great app which boast of very interesting features.

Nov 19, 2016 . Apple Saves Your iPhone Call Data In iCloud If you are an iPhone owner, you would be surprised to know that Apple stores Nov 18, 2016 A Russian company that makes iPhone-hacking software said earlier this week that Apple quietly collects iPhone call data in iCloud, including. Jan 18, 2013 Call + Data Monitor 2x1 The only one that monitors Data and Calls. "I've saved a lot of $$ money, Thank You" As seen on: -Lifehacker. -Inovus. Mar 7, 2016 See FaceTime call data usage in iOS. On new iPhones with better front and rear cameras, you'll find the HD FaceTime video call can be pretty. Jan 9, 2017 View, save, & export your iPhone's call history to your Mac or PC computer. Feb 4, 2016 It turns out, not much. On an older iPhone 4 on a 3G network, a 10 minute call consumed about 30MB of data. That should be improved a little.

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